January Newsletter

03 Feb
Good morning,

apologies for not being in touch at the end of last week I am not sure where the days went!
Children in the Nursery and Reception have been incubating eggs for the last three weeks and today is the day they are due to hatch – we are all very eggcited!!!! Mrs England, Mr Hignett and I all made egg visits to school this weekend to check all was ok. The children have been looking at the eggs this morning and we can definitely hear them tweeting – can’t wait. Photos to follow on Green Park twitter and the blog.
Year 1 and 2 enjoyed a fantastic day out at Lego Land. They learned a lot about structures and how to ensure buildings are strong. Once again the children were a credit to you and the school a visitor to Lego Land approached one of our teachers to say she had never met such polite children. Her little boy had been waiting in a long queue of our children for a turn on a ride, this was spotted by a few of our little angels who asked would he like to come to the front and have his turn first – our children really are the best!!!
Year 3 are enjoying learning all about African culture through a wonderful book called “The village that vanished” They have immersed themselves in music, dance and food making some amazing healthy smoothies with native African Fruits.
Year 4 continue to enjoy their Ukulele lessons I have been really impressed listening in – well done. Miss Green Smith, one of our associate teachers has been teaching the children about the famous artist Picasso – I can’t wait to see the digital art the children will be doing this week.
Year 5 were out and about last Monday. They visited a center in Formby where they met member’s of the emergency services including Police, Lifeguards and the Fire Service to learn all about staying safe.
Year 6 have got their heads down and are working really hard at the moment, I am very proud of you all, you are showing a great attitude.
Last Tuesday we had a visit from Henry. He came along to teach the children all about Chinese New Year. Henry works at Edge Hill College and is from China so it was a wonderful experience to hear all about it first hand.
It is really great to see so many parents tweeting us through our Green Park Twitter account. Thanks to the teachers for taking the time to allow you a window into your child’s day and share in the many wonderful experiences they have. If you haven’t followed us then check out the school twitter feed sign up and join us – we love to hear from you.
I have just looked up from my screen to notice it is a beautiful day so those who are not at work today enjoy the lovely weather , I am very jealous. Have a great week.
Jayne Hains