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year4 wrote: Liverpool fc
year3 wrote: Poppies by Chloe
Poppies   On the eleventh day of  the eleventh month at the eleventh hour everyone is silont for 2 minutes. The reason why we use poppies to remember is because the first thing to come back after everything was destroyed where the poppi (More)
Pollination is like having babies for plants. Insects, birds and wind take the pollen from one plant to another of the same type. The insects that take the pollen don`t know that they're pollinating the plant they are just getting food. The pollen on (More)
In Brazil there is a Rainforest called the Amazon Rainforest. Brazil has a river in the Amazon Rainforest. The river is called the Amazon river. Brazil is famous because of the Amazon river. The Amazon Rainforest is getting cut down because trees are (More)
worldcup2014 wrote: Information about Brazil
Brazil is in South America. Brazilians speak the language Portugese. The Capital city of Brazil is called Brasilia. Brazil was found in April 22,1500 by Pedro Cabral and he claimed it in the name of  Portugal. Cabral was in search for goods to tra (More)
worldcup2014 wrote: The World Cup in Brazil
The World Cup is being held in Brazil. The most popular football player that played for Brazil was called Pele and his number was 10. Brazil has won the World Cup 5 times. The World Cup started 12th June 2014.   great picture    all the play (More)