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year3 wrote: World Cup!
World cup 2014 is well under way with Brazil crashing out of the world cup and they came fourth over all most people thord that they would come 1st or 2nd in the semi final they got beat 7-1 by Germany the in the 3rd place play-off  3-0. (More)
World war 1 was a war with death and glory the englesh were fighting for 4 years and millions died in the end they won.But there were a lot of upsets. (More)
worldcup2014 wrote: World Cup 2014
The world cup kicked off with Brazil vs croacia in san paulo on thursday 12th of June.croacia took the lead with Marcelo`s own goal but Brazil`s star man Neymar scored from 32 yards away too make it 1-1 then Fred won a penalty and Neymar took it and (More)