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                                          Seed dispersal Seed  dispersal can be done in: 5 diffrent ways. These are the diffrent ways: pooping,rolling,eating,throwing,animals. T (More)
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Poppies Poppies are red and black in the middle people say that the reason why the poppies are red is because of the soldiers of world war one's blood . The reason why we wear poppies is we remember all of the soldiers who fought (More)
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Brazil Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. On April the 22nd Portuguese captain Pedro Calvaral found Brazil when he was 32 years old. (More)
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The first president of  Brazil was Joao Goulard and the first lady president was Dilma Rousseff. (More)
Little is known of  boudicca's ealiy life.According  to the Roman writers,Tacitus and Dio, she was of Royal  descent.When her story really began, she was already a queen and had two daughters.Her husband,Prasutagus, was the king  (More)