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Reading - at least 3 signed reads by next Friday English - circle nouns on sheet and write sentences in book Maths - Place Value sheet - you do not have to complete the extension task Spelling - you should be working on learning your spelli (More)
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Comprehension - Choose one of the texts to answer as many questions as you can. Don't lose the sheet as we will be completing it. Maths - Tigers - At least 10 questions from the sheet - use your homework book Panthers & Leopards - At least 10 (More)
y42014 wrote: Homework 9th May
English - Write about what's happening in the book you are reading or you can write about one of the characters. If you/ve only just started a book you can use your previous one. A paragraph will do but make sure it is carefully written. You can use (More)
y42014 wrote: Homework 2nd May
Continue with your reading Write a diary/recount Maths sheet Please remember all Reading Records have to be seen by Thursday. All homework by Friday (More)
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Well done everyone for producing some fantastic Easter Diaries.  Mrs Beeston & I were really impressed with them. For next Friday - Reading Maths - do as much of the sheet as you can ( show working out) English - mnemonics - find a way (More)
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Hi year 4 Here's your holiday homework for Thursday 24th April Reading - at least 2 reads - if your reading record book is in school pleaserecord in your homework book or on paper Diary - keep a holiday diary (at least 2 pages) you can incl (More)
y42014 wrote: Homework 28th March
Reading as usual Times tables (out of order) Easter Egg people or design Can you create an unusual egg character e.g Eggsplorer, Indiana Egg, Princess Egg, super Egg. These need to be in by Tuesday for our Egg Competition. (More)