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                                            Taking Cuttings     You will need A healthy plant (try geranium or fuschia) A small jar of water A sharp (More)
                                                Pollination Some plants are pollinated by insects and some are pollinated  by the wind . Plants that are pollinated by insect (More)
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Poppies Poppies are red and black in the middle people say that the reason why the poppies are red is because of the soldiers of world war one's blood . The reason why we wear poppies is we remember all of the soldiers who fought (More)
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Brazil Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. On April the 22nd Portuguese captain Pedro Calvaral found Brazil when he was 32 years old. (More)
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Some of  the Brazilian food is the same as ares such as:                                          Food abjire'm baura bejihino bridagarde aca'rj'e     (More)