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Mr Rafferty wrote: The Monday before Christmas
Hello Y3. The Monday before Christmas will be last session of of our OAA activites, so as long as the weather is ok, we will be outside...........so don't forget your kit....and spare socks! Finishing off the map skills work will also be done. It (More)
Mr Rafferty wrote: Tuesday 9th December
Hello Y5. It's nearly Tuesday again! Our activities for this week are: Guided Reading Science OAA   Guided Reading is a great way to start the afternoon with some great reading and fabulous answers to pretty tough questions. (More)
Mr Rafferty wrote: Y3 On Monday Afternoon.
Hello Y3. On Monday we have three things to do. Guided Reading OAA Map Skills   I really look forward to Guided Reading. It's a great chance to ask some really hard questions! There are usually fabulous answers. I hope tomorrow (More)
Mr Rafferty wrote: Tuesday Science and OAA
Conductivity.....electrical and thermal .....is our task this week.......but what does it mean? Well, the BBC has a pretty good site called "Bitesize" which does a good job at explaining things. The first site is about thermal conductivity. (More)
Mr Rafferty wrote: OAA for Monday
Well done Y3 on last Monday's challenge. Working together and problem solving can be a tricky task. What do you think are good ways of getting better at working together. Have a go at explaining your ideas using the Padlet below. Created with (More)
Monday is the start of the Outdoor and Adventurous Activities part of the PE curriculum. The learning objectives are all about working together in groups and teams to solve problems, taking turns, cooperating listening to ideas from friends and us (More)