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jgibson wrote: Our first PE lesson
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Mr Rafferty wrote: Hello Y3
Hello Y3. What a great week you had last week. Skeletons and Chromebooks and Healthy Eating! This Monday afternoon we are going to be doing indoor P.E. which is gymastics again. Symmetrical and Asymmetrical balances. We will be developing the idea (More)
Mr Rafferty wrote: Monday 12th January
Hello Y3, It's back to normal Monday afternoon tomorrow.  Our three activities will be, Guided Reading, Geography and PE......as well as KS2 Assembly....lots to do and so little time. Because it is a new term I'll be reading with a different (More)
Monday is the start of the Outdoor and Adventurous Activities part of the PE curriculum. The learning objectives are all about working together in groups and teams to solve problems, taking turns, cooperating listening to ideas from friends and us (More)
y42014 wrote:
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This week the juniors have voted for a class sportsperson as part of the process to find Green Park's Sportsperson. It was lovely to see so many children nominated for excellent reasons. Our votes were very close and we ended up with joint winners (More)