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misslewisbrown wrote: Fossil Rock Anthem
Please watch and learn the lyrics along with Y3. (More)
Mr Rafferty wrote: Floating and Sinking
kshotton wrote: Materials
Mr Rafferty wrote: Forces
Here is some information about forces that might be helpful (More)
Mr Rafferty wrote: Tuesday Science Morning
Tuesday is a Science morning. The aim is to start looking at Fungi as one of the Five Kingdoms. Here is a great introduction (and a whole lot more from The Children's University of Manchester. (More)
Classification keys are used in Science for .........classification! Classification keys can be used for hundreds of different sorting out activities in different topics. We are going to use it for sorting creatures. Here is an online version. (More)
misslewisbrown wrote: Investigating magnets.
Scientific investigation. Testing the strength of magnets. from misslewis-brown on Vimeo. (More)
Mr Rafferty wrote: Tuesday in Y5
Tuesday is the second part of our experiments. Remember that upper KS2 pupils have to be able to do the following:   We will be looking at the Friction presentation to find out a little bit of the Science that lies behind how fricton works (More)