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Mr Rafferty wrote: Friction -
Just in case...... But it may be that planning and preparing experiments is too tricky so .....here is what is expected from Y5 (and Y6) pupils. (More)
  The National Curriculum for Science explains what we will be finding out about. Our current topic is forces and so this week we will be finding out a bit more about Gravity. Have a look at Bill Nye the Science Guy's video all about G (More)
Mr Rafferty wrote: Tuesday 13th January
Science......all afternoon.....with a little bit of Guided Reading thrown in for good luck. Our Science Topic is Forces. Here is the National Curriculum section that we will be covering.   What is Gravity? Why did the appl (More)
Mr Rafferty wrote: Reflections
Good Morning Y5. Today's activities are starting Forces in Science, PE and a Judo demonstration (but not by me!) Our Science topic this half term is "Forces". We are aiming to cover all the information in the two photographs below. The second o (More)
Mr Rafferty wrote: Materials
Mr Rafferty wrote: Science Words
Properties                        Hardness                   Soluble                  Transparent                        Con (More)
Mr Rafferty wrote: Tuesday 9th December
Hello Y5. It's nearly Tuesday again! Our activities for this week are: Guided Reading Science OAA   Guided Reading is a great way to start the afternoon with some great reading and fabulous answers to pretty tough questions. (More)
Mr Rafferty wrote: Tuesday Science and OAA
Conductivity.....electrical and thermal .....is our task this week.......but what does it mean? Well, the BBC has a pretty good site called "Bitesize" which does a good job at explaining things. The first site is about thermal conductivity. (More)
Mr Rafferty wrote: Y5 Science
From a solution and back again. Watch this video and find out more about solutions.   Evaporation and Condensation with Robinson Crusoe. For some more information about evaporation and condensation brought to you by David Luc wh (More)