Welcome to Green Park School

Welcome to Green Park

IMG_7345We are proud of everyone at Green Park Primary School. Our teachers are imaginative, creative and caring. They provide modern, inventive learning experiences. Our pupils, from Nursery to Y6, work hard, do their best and learn well.

Ofsted came to visit us in June 2015. In their very thorough inspection of what we do, they said these things:

“Pupils are very proud of their happy, harmonious, school community. They are kind and considerate and treat each other, and the staff who teach and care for them, with a great deal of respect.

Relationships are warm and encouraging and help ensure that all children are well-cared for and behave well.

Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is outstanding.

Pupils display a love for learning and enjoy school.

The development of pupils’ skills in information and communication technology (ICT) is a strong focus and this aspect is taught well through most other subjects. Pupils appreciate the way teachers often bring learning to life through the use of modern technology

The curriculum is lively and engaging. Pupils have an excellent understanding of the different forms of bullying including that involving the internet, other social media sites and mobile technology.

Her (Head Teacher) relentless drive on improving standards and commitment to providing the best possible learning experiences for all pupils is shared by governors and staff.

The school tracks the progress of all pupils meticulously.

The breakfast club is popular and gets the day off to a great start for the pupils who attend.

Parents’ opinions of the school are high.”


We enjoy visitors (parents and children) coming to our school. Please contact us on 0151 526 2755 to make an appointment. Our class blogs show a lot of what we do.